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    Join a lag free creative server filled with some of the best custom plugins and ranking systems out there!

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    Joining a world filled of technological advantages, surrounded by the future.

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    Wizard Academy

    In a world where your survival depends on your magic skills, wizards are the elite class. Discover what happens when FTB meets PVP/Raiding, not for the faint of heart.

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    Join hundreds of other Wizards and Witches. Fight your way to the top using a mixture of magic and tech!

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    Sky Construct

    Survive on the minimum miles in the Sky. Alone...

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    New Launcher

    The dank codes are being written. Its coming! We promise.


November Build Competition Winners!

Posted by Buffers on Dec 2, 2017

Congratulations to November's build competition winners!


November 2017
Theme: Autumn

1. Astriii
2. Dohaerys
3. Anlad

1st Place: $60 store credit.
2nd Place: $30 store credit.
3rd Place: $10 store credit.

Winners will be contacted via the Forums to claim their prizes.

December's theme is Snow Day!

Claim your own plot by typing /buildcomp, followed by /new!
You can find the winner plots on /bcwinner!

Good luck everyone and I'm looking forward to judging some more fantastic builds!

- Buffers
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Ownership Information.

Posted by RoboJackPlays on Nov 18, 2017

As the majority of you now know about 3-4 weeks ago @ItzAntony left the AJGaming staff team and Ownership position. This was mostly my suggestion and my fault as I thought that he was no longer committing himself to the community anymore and I saw him more as a lost aspect than an asset to the server community.

After he left reality started to kick back in. A lot of work was left up to me and me alone, The community started to fall apart. Saturday 11th November we hit a network high of 132 players, however, most of the server seemed dead. Nobody was enjoying themselves and the discord wasn't being used anymore.

I have always praised myself on taking the technical side of things, running the backend side of the server and I never really realized how much the front end and the social side of the server actually meant. Now after the experience of me being left to my own devices didn't work out how I would of wanted them to I can hapily announce that...
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Recruiting Staff

Posted by Buffers on Nov 6, 2017

Hey, everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their time on AJGaming. As always, if you ever have any concerns don't hesitate to contact me or anyone on the staff team.

I just wanted to inform everyone that the AJGaming Administration Board (NotMyFault, PeanutButterB0B, RoboJackPlays, and myself) plan on recruiting new staff members over the upcoming weeks. So, if you're interested, be sure to apply! Good luck to all the applicants and we look forward to reading your applications!


Server Administrator
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Halloween Building Competition

Posted by SGCBarbierian on Oct 30, 2017

Hello its SGC!​

As most of you know tomorrow we will be releasing my Halloween video (a review of all your awesome builds made for the build comp). I am really excited to get this out to you all and tell you the winners.

All submissions this month were AMAZING! However, the AJGaming Admins have selected the winners. Remember these are not just decided on their detail and skill but they are also judged on their idea and creativity.

1st Place: Dohaerys
2nd Place: Avem_Sinistra
3rd Place: Astriii

Winners will receive their prizes via PM on the forums shortly from @RoboJackPlays

Next months theme is: Fall (Autumn)

The prizes for next month are:
- First Place: $60 Store Credit
- Second Place: $30 Store Credit
- Third Place: $10 Store Credit

I also mentioned in the video that I was looking...
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SpaceX Closure

Posted by PeanutbutterB0B on Oct 21, 2017

Closing Details:
Its with the unfortunate pleasure I have to bring to all of the SpaceX fans that it will be closing down. The store page has already been removed and we are in the process of a full closing of the server. We are working on a download for the world so you may continue what you've started with more freedom than the server was able to offer. Do note that the world download will NOT stay up forever so get it while you can!.

As everyone who is involved with the community knows, AJGaming recently purchased and merged with Mega-Craft. This has lead to the development of a new Creative mode as well as in progress SkyBlock. With these new servers and the load on our hardware, its simply not cost effective to keep SpaceX open any longer. We love the SpaceX pack and community but it simply does not bring in the players to keep it alive like our other servers do.

ALL DONATIONS ARE FINAL. We apologize if you just purchased it...
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Hide and Seek | Map Building!

Posted by SGCBarbierian on Oct 18, 2017

Hey, its SGC here!

I have been speaking to @RoboJackPlays over helping out the community with advertisements and events. As most of you already know I will be judging the 2017 Halloween Building contest and I have big plans for streams on the new Mystery Gamemode the Staff Team plan to release soon!

Now onto the main subject of this thread!

As many of my fans know one of my most popular series on my channel is my Hide & Seek series. I have been speaking with Jack and we have decided that it would be a good idea to allow the community to create maps for me to use live in my videos! However, there are a few requirements that we have:

  • You must be the Architect build rank (or higher) - If you are not this rank but still feel like your submission is good then feel free to submit your map anyway!
  • Your map must be child-friendly. This includes no 'hidden jokes'
  • You must give us permission to use your map and allow monetization of the video your build...
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Build Competition IMPORTANT Update

Posted by Buffers on Oct 13, 2017

Hey, everyone.

For all those who entered or plan on entering October's Build Competition, please make note of this important memorandum:

The due date for build-submissions has been moved from October 31st to Monday, October 23rd, 3:30 EST.

But this has been done for good reason. If all goes as planned, Jack, Nick (a prominent Youtuber), and I will be judging the builds and picking the winner in a YT video!

The winner will be notified on October 31st via Discord and/or a Forum message and will receive their prizes on that day, along with their build being featured in Nick's video.

If anyone has any questions, leave in the comments below and I'll get back to you.

Happy building,

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Our Warning Policy

Posted by Buffers on Oct 7, 2017

Hello, everyone!

This post is regarding how our punishment system works, as there seems to be a lot of confusion as to when warnings are used and when we go straight to muting or banning.

We DO NOT warn for every offense - for the more severe offenses, such as racism, prejudice, discrimination, harassment, intentional and extreme spam, etc, we WILL NOT warn you. It is YOUR responsibility to familiarize yourselves with our rules before joining the server, and failure to do so will likely result in getting muted / banned.

However, we do warn for minor offenses; things like caps, 3-time-spam, rudeness, arguing someones mute, etc, will likely get you a warn before a mute/ban. We do this because these offenses aren't as serious, so we feel you deserve one more chance before getting punished.

So, for all the salty ones out there wondering why they were muted without a warning after saying racist terms or discriminatory language, here is your explanation.

Hope this helps,

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Halloween Drawing Competition

Posted by Ellielza on Oct 6, 2017
It's nearly Halloween, are you ready?
To celebrate this spooky time of year I'm hosting an art competition, you can do digital, traditional, sculpture or whatever you'd like. Just be creative and make it relate to halloween. This is just for fun theres no pressure but theres prizes because thats always the best bit, right? ;)

How to enter:
Create a piece of artwork, take a screenshot/photo of it and then upload to an image sharing website (such as Imgur) then link the image here. The theme is Halloween, you can make it Minecraft related or not just have fun and create something awesome!


31st October

Prizes (best bit):
: Portrait of your Minecraft character
2nd: Full body drawing of your Minecraft character
1st: Full body...
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Master Rank [New Build Rank]

Posted by RoboJackPlays on Oct 1, 2017

Hello! Due to all of the requests across the server we have decided to create a new build rank called 'Master'

There are a few things you all need to know before going to submit your plot to gain Master.

  1. You must be the rank Artisan
  2. The build must be at least 2x2 large plots (Merged)
  3. You are required to follow the randomly selected theme given to you on Artisan rank-up (Read below for more)
  4. You must have outstanding terrain. Every single block you place should look perfect; Your terrain must not look like it was rushed or made using WorldEdit or Voxelsniper. You are REQUIRED to have some terrain within your plots however it must not be overly filled.
  5. You must have multiple sub-structures and at least one main structure. These must all be highly detailed and fit in with the plot theme. All structures should have an interior and some sort of reference to your theme.
  6. Your build must contain a large variation or...
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