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    Join a lag free creative server filled with some of the best custom plugins and ranking systems out there!

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    Joining a world filled of technological advantages, surrounded by the future.

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    Wizard Academy

    In a world where your survival depends on your magic skills, wizards are the elite class. Discover what happens when FTB meets PVP/Raiding, not for the faint of heart.

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    Join hundreds of other Wizards and Witches. Fight your way to the top using a mixture of magic and tech!

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    Sky Construct

    Survive on the minimum miles in the Sky. Alone...

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    New Launcher

    The dank codes are being written. Its coming! We promise.


Build Competitions Are Back in Business!

Posted by Buffers on Sep 30, 2017

Hey, AJGamers!

Now with the merge finally finalized, the AJGaming Administration plans to start coordinating a lot of exciting events and competitions for the community. If anyone ever has any suggestions for possible events, feel free to message me on Discord or through a forums conversation.

The first major event that we will be bringing back is our monthly Build Competition! Woohoo!

Important Information:

Each plot will be 71x71.
The Build Competiton world will be accessible via /buildcomp.
Build Competitions are monthly - winners are announced on the last day of each month and every month will have a different theme.

The Prize: Build Comp winners will receive a $20 shop voucher, two trails and one pet of your choice!

The winning plot will also be displayed at /buildcomp and you'll be given a special role on Discord and a medal the forums!...
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Final Merge Details [IMPORTANT]

Posted by RoboJackPlays on Sep 27, 2017
Hey guys!

This is the most important thread that is and has been released about this subject and the main information that is needed will be closer to the bottom of this thread.

First I want to say a few words before all of this begins:

"MegaCraft was and still is a great server. It has a community that is dedicated and supportive no matter what. I am seriously overwhelmed at how much support this merge is getting to both myself and Antony we are both truly thankful to all of you.

As you all know October 1st will mark a new era in the Megacraft legacy, and I do have to say it has been a wonderful experience. Ever since I joined the community early November 2014 Mega has always been my 'go to server'. The friends and colleges I have made because of Megacraft will defiantly be something that I remember and look back on for a lifetime.

People do call me stupid for having an emotional attachment to a virtual game or game server but truthfully I do and most of the...
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Official AJGaming Rules Update

Posted by RoboJackPlays on Sep 22, 2017

Note: All punishments take affect across the network. If you have been banned or muted from one server this will carry over to them all regardless. You can view your punishment and ban history on our live bans site:
Staff Members can skip steps if they feel it is necessary to do so.

Network Rules
All the following rules take effect across the entire network and cover all servers except a different rule is stated for a server.
No Advertising
Advertising on AJGaming is not permitted and will result in a permanent mute. This includes all of the messaging systems that AJGaming has to offer. Public chat, plot chat, roleplay chat, private messages, signs, books and in-game builds. Attempting to hire builders, developers, etc. will result in a permanent network ban.

No Inappropriate Websites/Images...
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About AJGaming & Addons for MegaCraft

Posted by ItzAntony on Sep 22, 2017

About Us
What is AJGaming?

In as simple words as possible, AJGaming is a Modded Minecraft Community. We are also the current leader in custom modpacks, taking over groups like, OhGaming and JACGaming. We currently have three modpacks, SpaceX, Advanced Wizardry and SkyConstruct. SpaceX being our most popular as it is PvP based and there is so much to explore. We are also currently having our own launcher made so that we can add our modpacks to it and others that we feel will be good enough. This way, if members of our community submit a modpack and we like it, we can add it as Technic are very unreliable.

If you're a modded network, why buy Mega?

AJGaming has...
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Updates and Merge

Posted by RoboJackPlays on Sep 21, 2017


Welcome to the new AJGaming Website and server.
This is the final thread that will be written explaining exactly what will be happening and when in regards to the AJGaming and MC-Mega merge.
Note: Everything that is stated in this thread is in regards to the MEGACRAFT server. The modded AJGaming network will not be affected by anything in this merge.

What will be lost?
- During this merge all old and non backed up data will be lost. We will be taking multiple backups of the old server however there will not be a public running version of this.
- Skyblock pets and singular perks. Anything that was purchased off and for Skyblock before it was shut down will be lost. We will be releasing our own version in the near future however the quanitity of the donations in history is too much for is to keep track of these figures too.
- Playtime Data. All playtime and join date data will not be publicly avalible either. We will be introducing our own Statistics tracking system to...
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Saving Merged Plots

Posted by Buffers on Sep 20, 2017

Hi there, everyone!

In response to all the inquiries regarding how to save merged plots, you need to DM @RoboJackPlays, either on the forums or discord, the PLOT ID of the merged plot(s) and we will save it for you.

I hope this clears up any confusion anyone was having - if there are any other questions regarding the transition, feel free to reach out to any of the staff members.


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A MegaCraft Legacy

Posted by BlueFusion12 on Sep 18, 2017

Hello MegaCraftians,

Today marks the end of an era
. I will be stepping away from MegaCraft as the primary owner and transferring leadership to a good friend of mine, RoboJackPlays. If you are interested in learning more about how I came to this decision feel free to read my explanation below, but I want to first address what will be happening to the server and how we will be ensuring this transition is as easy and seamless as possible.

As of October 1st, RoboJackPlays and ItzAntony will take full control of MegaCraft and will be combining it with their own server network: AJGaming. Do not fear though, very little will be changing at first. In fact, you will probably not notice a ton during the first month. Firstly, you will not lose any of your builds or ranks, as they will all be transferred over. Furthermore, you will still be able to connect to the server via and

Here are some things to expect with...
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Massive Creative Update!

Posted by BlueFusion12 on Jan 16, 2017

You've all been waiting for it. I've been telling you all "soon" for longer than you can remember...

The Creative update is here!

Quick Feature Rundown:
  • Full 1.11 support. This includes all new blocks. The server remains backwards compatible with 1.10 and 1.9
  • Rating System Beta for Arch+
  • A new main world and new small plot world (current world is STAYING!)
  • Changes to how Novice works (see below)
  • Various new commands for easy info (/teamspeak, /links, /website)
  • Chairs
  • Tons of heads (/hdb)
  • Updated chat layout
  • Staff now have their ranks in tab
  • Scoreboard to show basic info
  • Various plugin updates for stability and features
More Information:

New Worlds:
The current world is more than 3 years old, so we figured it is time we started a few new ones. The first world we added was a replacement for the existing world with 145x145 plots. The second world is probably the most requested feature we've had: small plots (65x65...
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Skyblock Island Competition.

Posted by ProbablySid_ on Dec 21, 2016

Thank you to those who participated!

1st Place: @some_donkus
2nd Place: @jakesaps
3rd Place: @ryerye1243

If you won a prize, msg me on the server or on the forums and I will credit your account with the appropriate items.

Unfortunately due to low participation numbers, this will be the last skyblock island competition for some time. If you really want it back, please vote on the above poll.
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