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[★] Thaumix Modlist (AW 6)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by daforsyth, Mar 11, 2018.

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  1. daforsyth

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    Nov 27, 2017
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    Mod: Actually Additions
    Author: Ellpeck
    A tech based mod adding various little machines and other items to make life easier.

    Mod: AE2 Stuff
    Author: bdew
    An AE2 addon giving machines to help with some of the more grindy aspects of AE2

    Mod: Applied Energistics
    Author: akarso, Cisien, fireball1725, thatsIch (Owner: lgorithmX2)
    A tech mod that adds a network to hold tons of items in one place. Also has the ability to autocraft items later on! ;3

    Mod: Architecture Craft
    Author: gcewing
    Building mod to help aesthetics lets you make non blocky stuff. .-.

    Mod: Ars Magica
    Author: (Owner: Mithion) Growlith1223
    The magic mod of magic mods. Lets you make custom spell and fight big bosses!

    Mod: Astral Sorcery
    Author: HellFirePvP
    A magic mod about the stars! Newer magic mod that lets you draw power from the night sky and the constellations.

    Mod: Baubles
    Author: Azanor
    Iconic mod made for thaum and adapted for so much more. Adds baubles slots for mods to add baubles to.

    Mod: Blood Magic
    Author: WayofTime
    A magic mod about magic from well... blood. Build big altars and sacrifice yourself and others in seek of magical power!

    Mod: Botania
    Author: Vaskii
    A magical mod about the power of nature! Use flowers to generate power and make cool magical devices!

    Mod: Chameleon
    Author: jaquadro
    Helps blocks render

    Mod: Chisel
    Authors: (Owner: tterrag1098) Drullkus, Minecreatr
    Let you use a chisel to access differnt textures for blocks. Good looking cobblestone .-.

    Mod: CraftTweaker
    Author: jaredlll08 (Current)
    Allows us to edit around with the modapack ;3

    Mod: CTM MC
    Author: tterrag1098
    Allows for connected textures

    Mod: Decocraft
    Author: RazzleberryFox
    Adds a ton of stuff to help decorate your minecraft world!

    Mod: Embers
    Author: elucent
    A magic mod involving more Dwarven styled way involving digging underground and getting magic from the deep earth.

    Mod: Open Blocks
    Author: other_boq
    A variety of new functional blocks to help the player

    Mod: Pam's Harvestcraft
    Author: MatrexsVigil
    A mod adding tons of new crops and food to the world.

    Mod: Storage Drawers
    Author: jaquadro
    Adds storage drawers which act like barrel mods to hold multiple of the same items. Comes with other unique storage features.

    Mod: Tinkers Construct
    Authors: mDiyo, boni, KnightMiner
    Adds different custom tools and weapons you can make with tons of variation

    Mod: Thaumcraft 6 (BETA)
    Author: azonor
    A magic mod well known involving research flux and insanity. Some big changes from thaum 4 and not completely finished yet. Brings make some elements from older thaums as well!

    Mods: Thermal Dynamics, Thermal Expansion, Thermal Foundation
    Author: Team CoFH
    Adds machines to help with various task as well as armors and weapons. Includes pipes for liquids, items, and RF.

    Mod: Vamparism
    Author: maxanier
    O dear without witchery there where no vamps are werewolfs. This mod adds vamps and vamp hunter classes to be which gets special items and abilities. Vamps are still evil though...
    Hint: Altar of Cleaning to cure yourself! (Can be found in village churches)

    Mod: Wireless Crafting Terminal
    Author: TheRealp455w0rd
    An AE addon letting you make a wireless crafting terminal. This lets you access your AE system from afar and also has some small upgrades

    Mod: Enderio
    Authors: Henry_Loenwind, MatthiasM, tterrag1098 (Owner CrazyPants)
    A tech mod with a multitude of machines revolving around the ender.

    Mod: Ender Storage
    Author: Chicken_bones
    Adds the orignal ender chest and ender tanks allowing for long transfer of items and liquids

    Mod: Evilcraft
    Author: kroeser
    A magic mod revolving around the sinister. Many magical items often using the blood of your foes. .-.
    Preeeeeeeetty evil

    Mod: Extra Utilities
    Author: RWTema
    A mod adding a variety of items to help spice of modded. Some more technical some more magic. Yay for magic boomerangs! ._.

    Mod: FoamFix
    Author: asiekierka
    Optimization mod to help the server out
    No curse link. tsk tsk leo & nim. (Link to non-dank website, but no worries this mod is legit and stuff)

    Mod: guide-api
    Authors: TehNut, Tombenpotter
    Lets other mods puts custom books to help teach you respective mods in game. ;3

    Mod: Howling Moon
    Author: Razmen
    Without witchery we wanted to keep vamps and werewolfs because people like to be them. This allows you to be a werewolf with powers and stuff. .-. Not as evil as vamps.
    Hint: Wolfsbane potion to cure yourself!

    Mod: JEI (Just Enough Items)
    Author: mezz
    Heard of NEI back in 1.7.10? Same thing but its updated to the newer version.... and was also more popular before technic existed... but besides the point! Lets you see recipes in game and look up items!

    Mod: Journymap mod
    Author: Techbrew
    Your normal minimap mod except its the best one. With world map of what you've explored and ability to set waypoints. ._.

    Mod: Mekanism & Mekanism Generators
    Author: aidancbrady
    Big tech mod with cool items and particular focus on ore processing. Lots of neat stuff! .-.

    Mod: minetweaker
    Author: DoubleDoorDevelopment
    Lets us edit recipes and such. ;3

    Mod: Mystical Agriculture
    Author: Blakebr0
    New age magical crops. Let you grow various materials from plants. ._. Did I mention moonstone plants!?!?!?

    Mod: NoMoreRecipeConflicts
    Author: GotoLink
    If 2 items share the same recipe this lets you switch between them!

    [I didn't include libraries or core mods ;3] ~Friendly Ice Mage Dafor
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