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Discussion in 'Competitions' started by dragenor, Aug 7, 2016.

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  1. dragenor

    Retired Staff

    Jan 22, 2016
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    Yo, So Today I Spent Some Time Making A PVP Arena, It Will Improve Over Time But Basically This Is What Will Happen.

    LAST 16
    Player 1 v Player 2
    Player 3 v Player 4
    Player 5 v Player 6
    Player 7 v Player 8
    Player 9 v Player 10
    Player 11 v Player 12
    Player 13 v Player 14
    Player 15 v Player 16

    Quarter Finals
    (Player 1 v Player 2 Winner) v (Player 3 v Player 4 Winner)
    (Player 5 v Player 6 Winner) v (Player 7 v Player 8 Winner)
    (Player 9 v Player 10 Winner) v (Player 11 v Player 12 Winner)
    (Player 13 v Player 14 Winner) v (Player 15 v Player 16 Winner)

    Semi Finals
    QF1 Winner v QF2 Winner
    QF3 Winner v QF4 Winner

    SF1 Winner v SF2 Winner

    So Thats How The Knockout Will Work Now The Times, There Will Be At least One Every Day And Sometimes Two, The Winner Of Each Will Get Their Head On The Wall. Every Month There Will Be A Champions League Thing, Where All The Winners Play Each Other And Decide The Ultimate Winner. I Will Not Be Taking Part In This Tournament.

    Now Whats Allowed, There Will Be Certain Things Allowed And Not Allowed, There Will Be Iron Swords With Enchants, Bows With Enchants And Armour With No Enchants. Everyone Will Have The Same Thing And There Will Be NO Potions.

    I Hope You All Enjoy This As It Seems Like A Really Good Idea To Me :)
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  2. Ryerye1243

    Ryerye1243 Guest

    If i have time i will try and join
  3. lifekiller43

    Retired Staff

    Aug 3, 2015
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    i'll join lol, even though i quit i guess i can still join for one time. Btw keep the creative pvp 1.8 mode (Jitter click mode where you get the same damage clicking fast, not recharging your sword)
  4. zLynn

    Jul 28, 2014
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    One thing to keep in track of: Creative has INSANE regen. If there's a way to combat that, I'd love to join :p
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