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[SkyBlock] Tips and Suggestions

Discussion in 'Important Information' started by NotMyFault, Aug 22, 2019.

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  1. NotMyFault

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    Jul 9, 2016
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    Note, these are guidelines not specific rules, if you want max performance and be 100% positive your island won't be tweaked or deleted, follow these.
    Try to reduce the use of redstone clocks, only use them when necessary, if you can use block updates, tripwire hooks, pressure plates, use them.

    Farm guidelines
    - Max of 10-15 stacked mobs at 650 per chunk
    - 10-15 Separate mobs per chunk =
    - Max of 30 entities per chunk (items, item stands, item frames)
    - Store items as soon as possible.
    -> Do not let large stacks of items or mobs occur
    - Spread farms out, use the guidelines to spread mobs across chunks
    - Limit your farm sizes, cactus farms are a cause of lag, spread them out or put
    them far away from your island, and still minimalize it's size.
    -> Recommended size: 64x64 (3 levels) (4 if you have minimal stuff on your island)
    - Minimalize redstone and block updates, observer farms will cause lag, watch the size of them.
    -> At max make your observer / piston moving farm 64x64 and limit it to two levels.
    -Spread out farms horizontally, across chunks, even if you skip a chunk here and there, it
    prevents lag more instead of stacking it up.
    -Spread out all your farms in general, do not compact them directly next to each other, use
    minecart systems / preferably hoppers if needed to transfer your items
    -No 0 tick farms
    -No chunk loaders
    -Minimize size of TNT cobble gens, duping is an instant ban.
    -> You may use TNT cobble gens, however, keep the TNT at a minimum, for every time it goes,
    it places an entity and updates
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.