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So, Magical Crops, how do we want them?

Discussion in 'Denied Suggestions' started by bidoblob, Oct 9, 2019.


What do you want to be done about them. (In order of more severe to less. )

  1. Remove both mods

  2. Remove Agricraft

  3. Disable compatibility with Magical Crops

  4. Tweak Agricraft to nerf it heavily

  5. Tweak Agricraft to nerf it somewhat

  6. Do nothing

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  1. bidoblob

    Mar 1, 2018
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    TLDR: In essence, what I'm trying to say here is that magical crops and agricraft makes the modpack too easy and progression too fast so that everyone gets tired of it too quickly. And that it's way too easy to share to other players.

    There are a bunch of things we can do to deal with this, one, remove magical crops entirely. I'd like this, but see no need for it as long as the real culprit, Agricraft is dealt with. Which we can do in several ways, for example we can keep it and disable compatibility with magical crops, but then what's the point with keeping it? Well, for one, you can get resources with it, in a difficult manner. Another way is to reduce the stats of crops, nerf them so to say, which can be done with the config. And make farming harder. Another way is to have someone (Daforsyth) tweak recipes and such to make the crops harder to get and use, by for example needing blocks of essence beneath.

    I know essentially everyone uses it, so it has to be popular, right?
    Well, the only people I've talked to about this with have agreed with my opinion that it is too op.
    Especially with agricraft its essentially an easily accessible way for anyone to dupe almost any raw material, and with some mods it's not even only raw materials.
    The worst part is with agricraft people often share their 10/10/10 seeds for little to no compensation.
    Why is this bad then, you might ask.
    The answer becomes apparent if you've ever tried playing on a world and decided to cheat in things, it quickly becomes boring. You have everything, so you don't need to work for it. Especially so for for tech packs, where a big part of the experience is making the automatic farms to gather all your resources and your ore processing plant to get as much as possible of the limited ore, or that extremely power hungry thing that creates ore for ridiculous amounts of energy.
    It's just not fun for me to play with magicrops, it makes everything worthless and I feel less of a sense of accomplishment after having gathered something with my cool farms when anyone can get as much as they want with just magicrops.
    And I know a lot of people will probably disagree with this if they're playing on AW, this is more about the people who lose the motivation to play because of it and has thus left.
    Not that I know of any such people.
    Agricraft also poses an issue because it makes certain plants that are limited in their gathering very unlimited, which is possible in their mods but at a much steeper price, which is a separate issue that could be solved by just disabling compatibility with that mod.
    In essence, what I think is that people would be able to have more fun for a longer time without the mods. Or just one of them, the real problem is their combination.
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