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birthday wishes / abnormal dreams

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DzoKsOn00, Jul 29, 2017.


Did this things ever happen to you ?

  1. Never, i want them to happen :(

  2. Never, i dont care

  3. Yes i did, rarely, maybe once

  4. Yeah i did, and it keeps happening

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  1. UbisoftServer

    Oct 12, 2016
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    Birthday Wishes

    Ok so in my life all of my birthday wishes came true ( not actually all of them, they started going NUTS with happening when i entered puberty (13)) and a month ago my 16th birthday wish came true.... it was getting Elephone p9000, or something else which i wont mention since it didnt happen yet but it really is about to happen.
    Also these abnormal things keep happening to me, they are making me believe that there is something....
    There is... people you have to trust me, once i wished for a FUCKING LEGO TANK and didnt tell it to anyone ( i didnt want to risk of it not happening ) and guess what happened ??? "Heyyy honneeeey the parents that adopted the child we adopted sent you a birthday gift"
    I was like "wtf im so hyped let me open it please please please please"
    it was a lego tank <3 these are the most beautiful moments of my life !


    Also i tend to lucid dream a lot (its the state of the dream when you are self aware of your powers in it and just abuse it to have fun around )
    And most of the times the normal dreams (the lucid ones dont) predict the future of the following 24 hours for me.
    Ok let me explain how it works, i have a dream that i am not self aware i am dreaming and when i wake up and remember it it happens in the day.
    Example: I dreamed of arguing with my mother, it happens.
    I Dream of flying around a mesa desert and guess what ? I find a desert mesa plot on mega while flying with my elytra .....

    I have told these stories to so many people and it keeps happening, first i was scared if the "force" would fade because im sharing my stories but now that ive told it to tons of people i decided its the time to share it with the lovely Mega comunity

    Hope you enjoyed my story, that is my life

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