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Gigabyte Information Thread

Discussion in 'AJGaming News' started by Nimtrod, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. Nimtrod

    Dec 3, 2017
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    General Information:
    This is meant to be a short introduction to the Gigabyte Server by AJGaming.
    • As you play on the Gigabyte Server you will get promoted in your time rank. Each new rank gives you a one-time-use kit. These contain useful items and spotloaders.

    • As we feel chunkloading is a big part of every good Tech-Modpack we had to keep chunk loaders in the game. But we also have to make the server playable for everyone.
      That’s why you can’t craft chunkloaders and any way of chunkloading - apart from the sport loaders you get for buying server ranks and for your playtime - are bannable.

    TIP: You get the first Spot Loader after 2 days of playtime.
    INFO: We won’t refund your Spot Loaders if you lose them or trade them away.


    • To claim an area and protect it from other players just grab a golden shovel and right-click 2 blocks. The area between them will be protected.

    Useful commands:
    • /claimslist - see your claims
    • /trust NAME - gives another player ALL permissions on the claim you are standing on.
    • /containertrust NAME - gives another player access to buttons, levers, beds, containers, crafting gear and animals.
    • /accesstrust NAME - gives another player access to buttons, levers and beds.
    • /trustlist - see whose trusted on your claim
    • /untrust - revoke the trust from a player
    TIP: Stand outside of your claim to trust a player to ALL your claims.

    Gigabyte Rules:

    No Griefing
    • The griefing of others claimed builds is absolutely forbidden. Not complying with this rule will result in either a temp ban or perm ban depending on how bad the griefing is. Griefing should not be a problem as it does require the plot owner to add the specific person to the plot, but please make sure to trust the person you are adding so that griefing is not as common.
    • It is also forbidden to grief the world everybody is playing on. Example: Big holes, liquid towers, etc.
    PvP Allowance
    • You are allowed to PvP with another player if both sides agree. Please make it clear that you and the other participant want to duel or battle in some sort of PvP. If the user asks you to leave their area after PvPing or before PvP you must comply with their request.
    • You are not allowed to sit around anyone's claims waiting for them to leave to either annoy, trap or kill the player. This will result in a lengthy ban. Also you are not allowed to claim directly next to anyones claim if they didn't allow that in the first place.
    Inappropriate/Vulgar Clan Tags
    • You are not allowed to create and allow people to join a clan with a vulgar or inappropriate name. This will result in the leader receiving a ban and the clan being forcefully disbanded by an Administrator.
    • Chunkloading is only allowed through Spot Loaders gained by donations or playtime. Any other method of chunkloading will result in a temp ban or perm ban. If you still find an unknown method of chunkloading, that you can proof to work, please report that to the AJ Gaming staff and you might receive a small reward.
    No Exploiting Glitches
    • Exploiting any kind of glitch is not allowed! Abuse will result in a temp ban or perm ban depending on the magnitude of it. Any glitches that you find or hear about must be reported on our ticket system as a high priority case immediately.
    No Lag Claims
    • If your base/claim is lagging or crashing other people the staff team will remove the source of this. Intentionally creating laggy areas will be punished with a ban.
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