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Discussion in 'AJGaming News' started by RoboJackPlays, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. RoboJackPlays

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    Nov 7, 2014
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    As the majority of you now know about 3-4 weeks ago @ItzAntony left the AJGaming staff team and Ownership position. This was mostly my suggestion and my fault as I thought that he was no longer committing himself to the community anymore and I saw him more as a lost aspect than an asset to the server community.

    After he left reality started to kick back in. A lot of work was left up to me and me alone, The community started to fall apart. Saturday 11th November we hit a network high of 132 players, however, most of the server seemed dead. Nobody was enjoying themselves and the discord wasn't being used anymore.

    I have always praised myself on taking the technical side of things, running the backend side of the server and I never really realized how much the front end and the social side of the server actually meant. Now after the experience of me being left to my own devices didn't work out how I would of wanted them to I can hapily announce that @ItzAntony will be rejoining me on the Ownership team.

    What will this do to help the players?

    • This will help tickets and the staff teams standards be raised. Antony takes great pride in the staff team and he will be working to improve that more than ever.
    • This will allow myself and him to work on new ideas and bring back old server perks quicker and more efficiently.
    • You will have someone that you can suggest ideas too! Most of the time I am busy or caught up in the middle of something and I end up missing a lot of important suggestions! Well, stress no more.

    Myself, Antony and the rest of the staff team will be holding a staff meeting over the next few weeks and we will be setting clear plans for what we want to get done over the Christmas break. All I can say is keep your eyes open for some pretty awesome features! We have a lot planned.

    I apologize sincerely for all the changes but we all have to make decisions in life, unfortunately, the one I made a few weeks ago was not my best, however, I will do all I can to fix the issue. I am sure that Antony will release another thread later today giving you some more information but that's totally up to him!

    Thanks again!
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  2. SebastiaanYN

    SebastiaanYN Guest

    Nice to see Antony back again
  3. Luci_MC

    Dec 15, 2015
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    Welcome Back Ant ;)
  4. gmaine

    Jan 8, 2016
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    hi im gman seems cool

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