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New Profile Posts

  1. Dracconus
    Raging against the machine
  2. DalaMadeSavvy
  3. DalaMadeSavvy
    DalaMadeSavvy Senpai_Artic
    #Sen4Admin quit playing urself 2k19
  4. DalaMadeSavvy
  5. CarbonaraFreak
    you can change colour by doing /name in chat.
  6. lmao_big_jay
    anyone know how to change color of name?
    1. MilSci
      /name in game.
      Aug 18, 2019 at 8:23 PM
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  7. fore
    fore MilSci
    Milsci, more like Milscientist in space amirite
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  8. Kaawaa
    "Why do they call it rush hour when nothing moves?" -Robin Williams
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  9. 3JU
    3JU 22Wolfox24
    He is the MOST helpful player I have ever seen, While the staff was ignoring not only did he help me by anwering all of my and other players questions, he even instructed me on how the skyblock mode worked, please give this man a Helper rank, he really deserves it
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    2. 22Wolfox24
      Thanks for the compliment! ^-^ I cannot attempt to become staff until I turn 16 in a month, and a small side note, I'm a girl ;) But I truly appreciate your kind message, good sir! :D
      Aug 10, 2019
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  10. MCRe_DarkOakly
    Ich bin eine Kartoffel!
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    2. 22Wolfox24
      Aug 10, 2019
  11. SplinkySlorp
    SOMEONE denied my staff application.
    1. 22Wolfox24
      Well, maybe you can try again later and get accepted hopefully. :) Read some of the accepted applications and use them as a template to form yours. Hope it helps! ^-^
      Aug 10, 2019
  12. mercqury
    goodbye dumqo, hello mercqury B)
    1. Ommo
      hi mercqury, bye dumqo
      Aug 5, 2019
    2. 22Wolfox24
      Hello mercqury ^-^
      Aug 10, 2019
  13. FznnX
    Hi everyone i got the rank Novice! :}
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    2. 22Wolfox24
      Nice going! :)
      Aug 10, 2019
  14. AJBN
    Applying for staff soon! Wish me luck!
    1. 22Wolfox24
      Belated good luck to you, good sir! ;p
      Aug 10, 2019
  15. Wierdoness
  16. Swiffjuice
  17. fore
    If you're reading this, leave a comment saying "cool beans" :)
    1. ShaneTheDarkLord
      cool beans
      Jul 29, 2019
    2. MilSci
      cool beans
      Jul 30, 2019
    3. mercqury
      cool beans ^w^
      Aug 5, 2019
  18. ARareBlackBear
  19. ARareBlackBear
    ARareBlackBear FrankCG
    A pretty inactive profile you got there :P
  20. Duck_Boat