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AJGaming Network Rules

Discussion in 'Important Information' started by NotMyFault, Jul 31, 2019.

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  1. NotMyFault

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    Jul 9, 2016
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    Note: With joining the network you agree that you read, understand and follow the rules.
    You found someone who doesn't follow the rules? Report them here
    All rules stated apply to all players, regardless their playtime, rank, donation rank or other identifiers.
    The staff team has the right to change the rules at any time or make exceptions under any circumstances.

    The following rules apply to all servers, if not other specified
    No Advertising
    • Advertising and/or promoting services which are not related to the AJGaming Network is not permitted. This includes all kind of messaging services the network uses.
    No Inappropriate Web Content
    • You are not allowed to share inappropriate images or websites. If you are unsure if a website or image is listed as inappropriate, do not post them, ask a staff member if they are allowed.
    • No sharing Account Selling pages (or sell accounts yourself)
    • No sharing Phishing Links
    • No inappropriate forum signatures
    • No inappropriate posts on other member profiles
    Respect Everyone
    • No toxicity
    • No trash Talk
    • No harassment
    • No character spam
    • No Rioting
    • No begging
    • No Disrespecting
    • No Verbal abuse
    • No Arguing against punishments
    • Do not grief the world (no killing of villagers to ruin the fun for others, unnecessary spells, etc.)
    • No discrimination - comments related to skin color, gender or other personal identifiers
    • No trolling
    • No Spamming - posting the same message over and over (should not be more than 3) [that also covers the spam of commands, such as /tpa etc.]
    • No Capsing - do not go over 9 per message (or just don't use them at all to stay out of trouble)
    • No Self harm
    • No insulting anyone in any way
    • No sensitive topics - Politics, Religion, etc. (ask a staff member if you are unsure).
    • No mini modding - Instead of telling people not to break rules, rather report them here.
    • No Staff impersonating
    • No scamming
    • No encouraging violence
    • No sharing other people's personal information without explicit consent
    • No sharing content you have no explicit permission to
    • No falsifying information
    • No tp killing, spawn killing, etc. - Do not target players in protect areas (also portals, respawn points, etc.)
    • No camping claims or islands
    No Cheating and Exploiting - Fund a bug? Report them here
    • No Macros / Scripting
    • No client modifications aside client performance mods, aesthetic modifications, armor or status modification, brightness and gamma modification or a Minimap (without entities and Player)
    • No duping - interaction, trades, keeps, etc. falls under this as well
    • No chunkloading
    • No claim or world griefing
    • No 0-tick farms
    • No texturepacks granting you a benefit (such as X-Ray packs, ore packs, etc.)
    No Inappropriate Ingame Content
    • No inappropriate buildings or paintings
    • No inappropriate warp names
    • No inappropriate clan names or tags
    • No inappropriate signs
    • No inappropriate item names
    • No inappropriate pet names
    • No inappropriate Skins or Names
    • No inappropriate Armor or Cape
    • No inappropriate Plot messages
    • No inappropriate messages
    Ban and Mute behavior
    • You are not allowed to use an alt account to evade a punishment on another account.
    • Do not ask for a punishment
    • Do not evade rules by stretching them
    • Do not pretend to break a rule
    Claim Behavior
    • Do not claim closer than 250 blocks to the next claim - Your claim may be forcefully removed
    • Do not claim right next to other claims to prevent them from extending - Your claim may be forcefully removed
    Build Behavior
    • You may not live in the Nether or End, those dimensions can reset without a warning

    Wizard Academy
    Witchery Taglocks
    • You can only teleport/affect the same person remotely once every 60 minutes (excluding curses as these have reversal rituals), this will allow players to actually play the game before being teleport-ed around consistently.
      You are allowed to re-teleport the same person for a second time within the hour if there were no repercussions or player no interaction the first time (the player /RTP'd away before you could fight them).
    • You are not allowed to taglock players at spawn or protected areas.
    The Blood Network
    • You are not allowed to drain people's blood constantly ending up being not able to use Blood Magic at all.
    Advanced Wizardry
    No Camping Claims
    • You are not allowed to sit around anyone's claims waiting for them to leave to either annoy, trap or kill the player
    No Stripping and Destroying Armor
    • Using mods to destroy or remove another player's armor during PvP or in a claim zone is seen as severe griefing and prohibited.
    VoidPack 2
    Tinkers Tools
    • Hitting people and/or mining block in the market or any other protected region to level your tools is not allowed.
    Staff of Travelling
    • Using Staffs of Traveling to get inside any area than any staff says is off limits is not allowed.
    • Using this item to travel outside the market warp or any other region you are not allowed to enter is not allowed.
    The Mall
    • Do not allowed to use a shop as storage
    • Do not leave it empty for more than 14 days
    • Do not block the entrance
    • Do not destroy it with LuckyBlocks or anything similar
    Ticket Feature
    • Do not reopen old tickets for no valid reason
    • Do not reopen a ticket after a staff member closed the case
    • Do not put your ticket in a higher priority than necessary
    • Do not use alt accounts to bump your threads with ratings
    • Do not use other accounts to bump your polls
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