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Comments on Profile Post by ProbablyEd_

  1. lifekiller43
    Feb 1, 2017
  2. Xxnder
    Were all entitled to our own opinions aren't we? :)
    Feb 1, 2017
  3. ProbablyEd_
    Yes, but whe it goes as far as banning someone then its needs to be at least worth a ban. Xxxander why arnt u staff it u want to interfear with bans. Drage banned me probs so he could be above me on the kitpvp leaderboard. I bet ur kicking urself that ur ahead of me too. Sids been telling me the leaderboard scores.
    Feb 3, 2017
  4. Xxnder
    lmao I didnt even try for leaderboard 1. I got it by casually playing, and even if you weren't banned I would've still got ahead of you TBH. (because youre ezpz)
    Feb 3, 2017
  5. lifekiller43
    It's just a game children
    Feb 4, 2017