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    Join a lag free creative server with WorldEdit, VoxelSniper and some of the best custom plugins and ranking systems out there!

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    Joining an island up in the sky exploring the world!

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    Custom world and nether generation with claims, trades, sales and cool custom-coded plugins.

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    Wizard Academy

    Join hundreds of other Wizards and Witches. Fight your way to the top using a mixture of magic and tech! Pure PvP and Raiding.

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    VoidPack 2

    Survive on the minimum miles in the Sky. Alone...

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    Advanced Wizardry

    Unleash your magic skills and beat the environment with your friends.


MegaCreative Auto Plot Backup System

Posted by BlueFusion12 on Sep 22, 2014

Grief on MegaCreative is hard to deal with, especially with many people have the power of WorldEdit. While there are measures in place to help counter grief (adding/trusting as well as the ability to only add/trust people YOU CHOOSE and even the plot saving/restoring system), griefing is inevitable. In the continued effort to help curb griefing, I have created yet another awesome MegaCreative feature: daily personal plot backups.

As of now, this feature is limited to Donators (Donator, VIP, Elite). This is due to the amount of time and resources it takes to save plots. During my initial tests, there are about 920 plots owned by donators while there are over 30 thousand owned by other players. It would likely take an entire day if not more to copy all those plots and save them into schematics, not even accounting for the necessary disk space.

This feature will automatically link into the exisitng...
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New MegaCreative Ranking System

Posted by BlueFusion12 on Sep 9, 2014

After the long wait, I am happy to announce the new MegaCreative Ranking System is here!

These new ranking systems are based on building and a new plot reviewal system.

New Ranks

User: This rank is assigned to all new players)
Novice: Novice is the only rank that is not directly achieved by building. Novice can be earned automatically be completing the following tasks:
  1. Registering on the MegaCraft Forums
  2. Post something on this thread
  3. Accumulating a total of 5 playtime hours on the MegaCraft Network.
Builder: Builder is awarded to people who have played a while and shown some building talent. This is the first rank achieved by submitting your builds through the plot...
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MegaCreative: Download and Backup your Builds!

Posted by BlueFusion12 on Aug 26, 2014

MegaCreative offers an easy and fun way to build massive Minecraft structures, but what if you want to transfer them over to your own worlds? Now you can! A new custom MegaCreative plugin allows you to save a snapshot of your plot as a .schematic file, which you can then paste into any of your own worlds!

Command Usage:
  • /ms save - Saves a copy of your plot
  • /ms get <Schematic ID> - Uploads a schematic to a place where you can download it
  • /ms restore <Schematic ID> - Restores your plot to an older snapshot
  • /ms delete <Schematic ID> - Deletes saved schematics
  • /ms list - Lists your currently saved schematics for the plot you are in
Another great use of this feature is to protect against grief! By saving your plot periodically, you can restore to it at a later date if you plot becomes damaged by griefers. Keep in mind though that...
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Armistice Day

Posted by ErrantFox on Aug 20, 2014

Congratulations, comrades! The war is over and we have succeeded over the forces who so desperately tried to stop us. We have overcome a great fear and accomplished such an epic victory! All of our boys made it home safe and we can pass around the celebratory soda (because alcohol is not quite in the budget) and the bread of our successes. Your cooperation and compliance in this fight has achieved you back your freedom to be Megacrafters and do everything that such a title entails. Welcome back to the community, comrades, all systems are back online.

- Agent Orange
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News from the Front

Posted by ErrantFox on Aug 17, 2014

The war is not going well, comrades, for MegaCraft Everything is currently down. We have had a large communication failure with the Box that runs everything from it. I want you to know that this is a rather troublesome matter, but we hope it will be resolved quickly. To say the least, the Hard Drive from the Box had a terrible failure, and thus it had taken a severe blow. However, we do hope that all data will be restored. The odds are good that this calamity will be reverted, but for now, the war front is perilous and we have agents that are working tirelessly to change this. Do your part in this war and do not freak out, we manage best as long as we're not being flooded with complaints and needless fears. Equatable to the CIA, we are also undergoing investigations to understand the meaning of this malfunction, but the jammers that have crushed our server are being reprimanded. Simply pray that this will be over soon and that your boys on the front lines will return home safe from...
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Welcome to the New Forums!

Posted by BlueFusion12 on Jul 26, 2014

Welcome everyone to the new MegaCraft website and forums! A lot of work has been put into making this website significantly better than the last.

Notable changes:
  • Added Wiki
  • Server -> Forum rank syncing
  • In-game registration (/register <email>)
  • Updated to newest version of Xenforo
    • Mobile compatible version!
    • Includes lots of improvements and fixes
  • New forum sections
  • Updated theme (looks a lot better)
  • Fixed all the bugs...
  • Tons more...
Please enjoy the new forums and use it wisely and productively :)

- MegaCraft Team
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