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    Join a lag free 1.12.2 creative server with WorldEdit, VoxelSniper and some of the best custom plugins and ranking systems out there!

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    Joining an island up in the sky exploring the world!

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    Custom 1.14.4 world and nether generation with claims, trades, sales and cool custom-coded plugins.

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    Wizard Academy

    Join hundreds of other Wizards and Witches. Fight your way to the top using a mixture of magic and tech! Pure PvP and Raiding.

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    VoidPack 2

    Survive on the minimum miles in the Sky. Alone...

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    Advanced Wizardry

    Unleash your magic skills and beat the environment with your friends.

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AJGaming Network

Gigabyte Information Thread

Posted by Nimtrod on Feb 17, 2018

General Information:
This is meant to be a short introduction to the Gigabyte Server by AJGaming.
  • As you play on the Gigabyte Server you will get promoted in your time rank. Each new rank gives you a one-time-use kit. These contain useful items and spotloaders.

  • As we feel chunkloading is a big part of every good Tech-Modpack we had to keep chunk loaders in the game. But we also have to make the server playable for everyone.
    That’s why you can’t craft chunkloaders and any way of chunkloading - apart from the sport loaders you get for buying server ranks and for your playtime - are bannable.

TIP: You get the first Spot Loader after 2 days of playtime.
INFO: We won’t refund your Spot Loaders if you lose them or trade them...
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January Build Competition Winners!

Posted by NotMyFault on Feb 2, 2018

Congratulations to January's build competition winners!


January 2018
Theme: New Years Celebrations

1. PeachHalves
2. IcebearMC
3. LucaTheDuck

1st Place: $60 store credit.
2nd Place: $30 store credit.
3rd Place: $10 store credit.

Winners will be contacted via a private message on the Forums to claim their prizes.

February's theme is Valentine's Day!

Claim your own plot by typing /buildcomp, followed by /new!
You can find the winner plots on /bcwinner!
Good luck everyone :3


A few rules for the Competition:
► Only you are allowed to create your build.
► You must only claim one plot.
► Do not submit competition plots for build ranks.
► Do not merge plots.

The plots are getting reviewed at the end of the month.
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December Build Competition Winners!

Posted by Smol_Amy_UwU on Dec 28, 2017

Congratulations to December's build competition winners!


December 2017
Theme: Snow Day

1. E_lit_ist
2. Anlad
3. IcebearMC

1st Place: $60 store credit.
2nd Place: $30 store credit.
3rd Place: $10 store credit.

Winners will be contacted via the Forums to claim their prizes.

January's theme is New Years Celebrations!

Claim your own plot by typing /buildcomp, followed by /new!
You can find the winner plots on /bcwinner!

Good luck everyone :3
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Christmas art comp winners!!!

Posted by Ellielza on Dec 27, 2017
Thank you to everyone who entered your entries were all awesome and its great to see people get all creative in a way other than building :) Here are the top 2 winners and the runners up, it was again really tough to decide the order but thank you all for entering xx

Congrats @Senpai_Artic for getting second x You win Mega rank!...which you already have haha. Please pm Jack and he'll give you a coupon code for the equivalent amount on the store ;)

Congrats @GmanBuilds ! you won first place and therefore you win the small intuos tablet.... which is now out of stock as it is Christmas (FML what a surprise) I'll pm you when I find one available if not I'll send you the equivalent money and you can either buy one yourself or spend it on something else.

Thank you to everyone else that entered :) here is all the other entries in...
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Ultimate Suggestion Thread 2

Posted by JackCosens on Dec 22, 2017

So recently I have been talking to some of you in discord and it is clear that we need to expand out AJGaming in a few directions however this is difficult as we do not want to spread ourselves too thin making it difficult to operate. I have had ideas of a Tech based modpack (One that goes into opposite competition to Advanced Wizardry) as this has proven well in our past, however I really do need some ideas from the community.

I am open to pursue any new Modded or Vanilla ideas that you may request however I do not want ideas such as 'Oh you should totally make a GMOD server, cause that's minecraft related!'

The AJGaming server is growing at a rapid rate and we are still hitting new network records every-weekend however I feel that this can be boosted a lot more with new servers and products to play however we have learnt from our own mistakes that including what myself or Antony personally want adding does not go as successfully as creating a community originated idea,...
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Posted by JackCosens on Dec 6, 2017

Hello! So I am writing this thread to inform you on all of the knowledge we have on the update that is due to come out to Minecraft over the next few months and how AJGaming will be adapting to this new version.

Earlier today md_5 (Owner of spigot) released a thread stating some of the basics of what is going to be changed with their API and plugins once the update is out. This thread can be seen and read here:

Once the 1.13 release is live AJGaming will not instantly update. We will release a fix to our bungee cord that willl allow 1.13 users to join the vanilla part of the network but apart from that none of the server backends will update to this version for at least a few days. This is for multiple reasons:
  • Some of our plugins will require updating and be modifying to be converted over and these cannot be done in a few hours
  • Appropriate debugging and testing will be completed on the...
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November Build Competition Winners!

Posted by Buffers on Dec 2, 2017

Congratulations to November's build competition winners!


November 2017
Theme: Autumn

1. Astriii
2. Dohaerys
3. Anlad

1st Place: $60 store credit.
2nd Place: $30 store credit.
3rd Place: $10 store credit.

Winners will be contacted via the Forums to claim their prizes.

December's theme is Snow Day!

Claim your own plot by typing /buildcomp, followed by /new!
You can find the winner plots on /bcwinner!

Good luck everyone and I'm looking forward to judging some more fantastic builds!

- Buffers
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Ownership Information.

Posted by JackCosens on Nov 18, 2017

As the majority of you now know about 3-4 weeks ago @ItzAntony left the AJGaming staff team and Ownership position. This was mostly my suggestion and my fault as I thought that he was no longer committing himself to the community anymore and I saw him more as a lost aspect than an asset to the server community.

After he left reality started to kick back in. A lot of work was left up to me and me alone, The community started to fall apart. Saturday 11th November we hit a network high of 132 players, however, most of the server seemed dead. Nobody was enjoying themselves and the discord wasn't being used anymore.

I have always praised myself on taking the technical side of things, running the backend side of the server and I never really realized how much the front end and the social side of the server actually meant. Now after the experience of me being left to my own devices didn't work out how I would of wanted them to I can hapily announce that...
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Recruiting Staff

Posted by Buffers on Nov 6, 2017

Hey, everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their time on AJGaming. As always, if you ever have any concerns don't hesitate to contact me or anyone on the staff team.

I just wanted to inform everyone that the AJGaming Administration Board (NotMyFault, PeanutButterB0B, RoboJackPlays, and myself) plan on recruiting new staff members over the upcoming weeks. So, if you're interested, be sure to apply! Good luck to all the applicants and we look forward to reading your applications!


Server Administrator
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Halloween Building Competition

Posted by SGCBarbierian on Oct 30, 2017

Hello its SGC!​

As most of you know tomorrow we will be releasing my Halloween video (a review of all your awesome builds made for the build comp). I am really excited to get this out to you all and tell you the winners.

All submissions this month were AMAZING! However, the AJGaming Admins have selected the winners. Remember these are not just decided on their detail and skill but they are also judged on their idea and creativity.

1st Place: Dohaerys
2nd Place: Avem_Sinistra
3rd Place: Astriii

Winners will receive their prizes via PM on the forums shortly from @RoboJackPlays

Next months theme is: Fall (Autumn)

The prizes for next month are:
- First Place: $60 Store Credit
- Second Place: $30 Store Credit
- Third Place: $10 Store Credit

I also mentioned in the video that I was looking...
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