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Discussion in 'AJGaming News' started by JackCosens, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. JackCosens

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    Nov 7, 2014
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    Hello! So I am writing this thread to inform you on all of the knowledge we have on the update that is due to come out to Minecraft over the next few months and how AJGaming will be adapting to this new version.

    Earlier today md_5 (Owner of spigot) released a thread stating some of the basics of what is going to be changed with their API and plugins once the update is out. This thread can be seen and read here:

    Once the 1.13 release is live AJGaming will not instantly update. We will release a fix to our bungee cord that willl allow 1.13 users to join the vanilla part of the network but apart from that none of the server backends will update to this version for at least a few days. This is for multiple reasons:
    • Some of our plugins will require updating and be modifying to be converted over and these cannot be done in a few hours
    • Appropriate debugging and testing will be completed on the servers before they are sent live with the new update to prevent any major glitches from appearing with the plugins.
    Content wise the 1.13 update isn't overly rich. It gives own block ids to certain blocks that could only be obtained with world edit, for example, the new 'Bark' block and the different mushroom blocks however they can already be obtained through our /blocks menu on creative. The other updates are mostly game mechanics that are not overly necessary or surprising for the update. We have had word that the 1.14 update will be filled with content and we will aim to upgrade to that within the first few days after its release (Not confirmed yet).

    The modpacks and modded servers will still be frozen on 1.7.10 for now due to the lack of support and pure expenses that are in place for us to be able to update to sponge to have modpacks on 1.8+, however, I am starting to build a development team together in the new year to start rebuilding the network for these platforms.

    Just to make it super clear Creative and Lost will be the only two servers as of now to update to 1.13 close after its release

    I wanted to create this thread to inform you all BEFORE HAND so it would remove the majority of the questions like "ARE WE GOING TO UPDATE TO 1.13 SOON?" If these questions are asked I suggest you link the person to this thread!

    Anyway thanks for reading!

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  2. Ommo

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    Feb 20, 2017
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    Seeing as 1.13 will be out in a few weeks, I just want to make sure I have a texture pack of the default Minecraft ready for it. Personally I don't like the new changes, other than that, I'm fine on 1.12 :)