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1.13.2 - SKYBLOCK 1 & 2

Discussion in 'AJGaming News' started by NotMyFault, May 11, 2019.

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    Jul 9, 2016
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    Read the post before asking anything, it will most likely answer your questions :p

    Like you already just read, the SkyBlock servers (/sb and /sb2) are now upgraded to 1.13.2.
    You might notice that your levels might be lower or higher to previously, that's just caused by the new blocks and their values being added. Islands weren't reset, so you can continue where you are.
    During the upgrade, some chests might became enderchests or signs became kelp, so I left the decision up to you if you want to reset your island. The old system is not fully compatible with the new one so a reset is most likely the best decision for your island.

    Okay, now to the things we reset:
    • McMMO - McMMO has been reset due an internal overhaul from 1.12 to 1.13. Leveling is now partly different, checking your levels appear now in your chat, rank ups are shows in the boss bar instead of breaking the scoreboard and various new skills and levels were added (you will figure them out ;)).
    • Challenges - Some of your challenges (maybe all) were reset due 1.13 ID system, but since you kept your islands you can easily redo them haha
    • Default Island - The default island has been removed from selection on creation.
    • Stacked Mobs - Some (maybe all) stacked animals will return as single unit being to allow me adding thew new mobs.
    • Islands older than x days - Islands older than 60 days will be purged from now on to keep the world as small as possible.
    And here is what we added:
    • End islands - The nether island contains an empty end portal framework you need to fill with eye of enders. If you walk thru it, you are in the end on your new island. This works only with new created islands, if you have an old (everything with the creation date earlier than the thread date) island we will need to either wipe the island or exchange it manually, therefore open a ticket on discord.
    • AntiSpam system (made by @TheRealDrawe) - You probably won't notice it too much, if you aren't spamming excessively, but it should help us to prevent bots spamming and repeating the same message over and over again.
    • Disguises - Like you know it from Creative, you can disguise into mobs using /dis <type>, but now you can do the same on SkyBlock as well. If you are unsure into which things you can disguise, check the store and click the rank you have in order to gather the information.
    • Entirely new Island permission system - The old system was a bit clunky and acted like a light switch, either allow or disallow actions for visitors. Now you can specify for which groups you want to enable which action, simply left or rightclick the items in /is settings and select for which group you want to allow which action.
    Aside the large things changed above, many minors were fixed/adjusted as well, such as new items in Crates or block caps on certain items e.g
    If any spawners appear to be invalid or crate keys refuse to work, keep them up, open a ticket on discord and we will exchange them!
    If you have any questions or else don't hesitate and hit us up on discord.
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    this does put a smile on my face
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