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[Advanced Wizardry] Banned Item List

Discussion in 'Important Information' started by RainbowGodDouwe, Dec 3, 2018.

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  1. RainbowGodDouwe

    Network Manager Retired Administrator

    Nov 3, 2017
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    hereby I present to all of you the banned item list:

    duping items:

    Filing cabinet (dupes)

    Shard of Laputa (bypasses)

    hardened cache (dupes)

    mekanism bins (dupes)

    machinist workbench (dupes)

    thaumcraft pouches (dupes)

    exalted crafters (dupes)

    item filter (dupes)

    sigil of magnetism (dupes)

    crafty crates (dupes)

    knapsack (dupes)

    hungry chest (dupes)

    spellbinding cloth (dupes)

    present (dupes)

    botanist toolbelt (dupes)

    dev/null (dupes)

    Mekanism fluid tank's (dupes)

    all of the crashing/lagging/bypassing items:

    wireless crafting terminal (crashes, glithes)

    cardboard box (bypass)

    network tool (bypasses)

    revolver (bypasses)

    ender quarry (crashes)

    growth pulsars (crashes)

    all tinker construct armour (crashes)

    broom from evilcraft (crashes)

    warding foci (crashes)

    ALL imbued fires (leads to lag and crashes)

    anti material rockets (crashes)

    crystal chest (lag)

    nature's scythe (crashes)

    winter's grasp (crashes)

    alchemite (crashes)

    SPAMR (crashes)

    sheep seeds (crashes)

    mob harness (crashes)

    all items that bypass:

    ALL wrenches! (due to bypassing chunks)

    Ring of loki (bypass)

    key of king's law (bypasses)

    horn of the wild (bypasses)

    Grimoire of The Abyss (bypasses)

    fluivac (bypasses)

    focus of dislocation (bypasses)

    focus of equal trade (bypasses)

    sacred rubber sapling (bypasses)

    spell table and complex spell crystal (bypasses)

    obsidian tnt (bypasses)

    hand of ender (bypasses)

    crane backpack (bypasses)

    tiny tnt (bypasses)

    flamethrower (bypasses)

    matter cannon (bypasses)

    all bound tools except sword (bypasses)

    rod of shifting cores (bypasses)

    cloud in a bottle (bypasses)

    florb (bypasses)

    vaccuum chest (bypasses)

    Thaumaturge's Revolver (bypasses)

    Mask of cruelty (bypasses)

    Formation plane (bypasses)

    Phantom booster (bypasses)

    SDX tnt (Bypasses)

    The market (dupes)

    all known chunkloaders:

    ender-thermic Pump (chunkloads)

    chunkloader (this one speaks for itself)

    keystone receptable (chunkloads)

    teleporter (chunkloads)

    all known Overpowered items:

    Manasteel seeds

    Terrasteel seeds


    if there is an item that has not been added and is however banned, please contact me through discord, or if an item that is supposed to be banned is not.

    - Douwe
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