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Global FAQ please

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by bidoblob, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. bidoblob

    Mar 1, 2018
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    I'll put a summary here because this got unnecessarily long. Just make a FAQ and link it in chat through the system that sends out messages every now and then and maybe also on login, make it a sticky in the discord channels, and make it a part of the forum here and link to it on the technic pack page; To save time and resources from dealing with tickets and reach those who don't understand that they can get help in the Discord.

    There already is a forum FAQ kind of, and the Discord doesn't need one either (although a bunch of people have trouble finding the modded servers since they don't go to #modded), and while the vanilla server also probably doesn't, the modded servers do need one each. For things like how to make tools and mine on WA (surprisingly many are lost on this) or general troubleshooting when the pack isn't working, like, install 64 bit if you want to use more of your ram or this and that workaround has been done (and please include a list of added crafting recipes).

    And you can just add more to it when several people have asked the same thing, no need to write all of it at once.

    Here's the long part that is why I made this post and that you don't really need to read.
    I decided to just open chat in the Discord, didn't log on, ans when I did I saw a bunch of confused players, one of which I helped when he then asked in the discord.
    Then, today I decided to open the technic pack page and saw that the comment section there is filled with lost and confused people, none of whom got any answers they needed. Maybe they could have found the way here, and maybe the reduction in lost people there is because you added a link here or something or just fixed the Discord link since that was a question there, but either way they had a lot of different, very simple, questions. And also that now that the reset for AW has been announced, part of the playerbase are wondering about the ETA. Which you don't like setting beforehand, which is fine,
    but then people need to know that. Most of these issues could be resolved by having a FAQ along with probably substantially reducing ticket amount, although I don't know if that's a problem, you could spend that time improving the server instead.