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Final Merge Details [IMPORTANT]

Discussion in 'AJGaming News' started by JackCosens, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. JackCosens

    Owner Retired Administrator

    Nov 7, 2014
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    Hey guys!

    This is the most important thread that is and has been released about this subject and the main information that is needed will be closer to the bottom of this thread.

    First I want to say a few words before all of this begins:

    "MegaCraft was and still is a great server. It has a community that is dedicated and supportive no matter what. I am seriously overwhelmed at how much support this merge is getting to both myself and Antony we are both truly thankful to all of you.

    As you all know October 1st will mark a new era in the Megacraft legacy, and I do have to say it has been a wonderful experience. Ever since I joined the community early November 2014 Mega has always been my 'go to server'. The friends and colleges I have made because of Megacraft will defiantly be something that I remember and look back on for a lifetime.

    People do call me stupid for having an emotional attachment to a virtual game or game server but truthfully I do and most of the dedicated players can relate here. Although 'MegaCraft' will no longer be a thing; the community, friends and memories made on the server will be, and it is my goal to direct the server into the correct direction to allow people to make more friends and create more memories."

    However back to the main details of this thread and the point that I am creating this! There are a few issues and errors that we have come across that I need to share and make people aware of for the new transfer. One of the big ones that will affect you is how to restore your plots onto the new server.

    Plot Restoring
    During the development of the plugin we came across a few issues and attempted to make the appropriate fixes where we could however it does mean that the system is slightly more complicated than we originally wanted it to be.

    There are two main commands that you will need to use to restore your plot.

    /plotsave list (This will show you a list of all the plots you have saved and all the available ones to restore)

    /plotsave load [x y z] (This is the command that you will use to load in the plot and position it correctly)
    Note: When developing this plugin we had some issues with the schematic saving at the incorrect heights because of PlotSquared edits made to the world during its up-time this resulting in the X Y Z options needing to be added)

    Example: Earlier today on MegaCraft I saved a plot called Castle and I converted it over for testing purposes. Now when I log on and claim a plot and run the command
    /plotsave load Castle
    it looks like this:
    Due to this plot being made in the new MegaCraft world it has been pasted down 31 blocks too low. After double checking this you can then run the command
    /plotsave load Castle 0 +31 0
    This will basically instruct the plugin to paste your plot from the X=0 Y=+31 and Z=0 position within your plot. This can be played with at your own will to find something you like. A result of using this command gave me this:
    That covers all the basics required for the PlotSquared restore plugin on the new server.

    Merged Plots

    A larger amount of these plots were submitted to myself this week and I am slowly starting to transfer plots over to the new server with some of the Staff Team. Here is how this is going to work. Plot Squared DOES NOT allow us to set owner of a plot unless the user has logged into the server before thus meaning I will have to maintain ownership of all merged plots until the correct user has logged in for the first time. If you are on the list below (I will be updating this list throughout the week as we go transfer more plots) then please private message me on Saturday when you log in so I can restore ownership of your plot. If you are not on this list or are missing a certain amount of Plots off this list then please check your private messages as you may have been messaged regarding issues with the size or shape of your plot. If you are not added onto this list by Friday night/Saturday morning please private message me on discord so we can verify your plot status.

    LewisBW-1 (2x2)
    LewisBW-2 (2x1)
    J4Jakku-1 (3x3)
    DamienTB-1 (Normal)
    CodeCanada-1 (Normal)
    Sausage_Beans93-1 (2x1)
    dragenor-1 (5x3)
    Cvrobber-1 (4x5)
    _MeMyselfAndI-1 (2x2)
    Givenchy-1 (2x2)
    Givenchy-2 (2x2)
    Givenchy-3 (3x2)
    Givenchy-4 (1x2)
    Givenchy-5 (4x1)
    Givenchy-6 (2x6)
    NotMyFault-1 (1x3)
    NotMyFault-2 (1x2)
    qvast-1 (2x2)
    qvast-2 (1x2)
    lyktan-1 (4x4)
    ProbablySid_-2 (1x2)
    Snith_-1 (3x3)
    Snith_-2 (1x2)
    Mergual-1 (3x3)
    Mergual-2 (2x2)
    LuukH-1 (2x2)
    ChissTheCat-1 (2x3)
    Falwae-Misc (1x2)
    GmanBuilds-1 (2x1)
    NitroEclipse-1 (2x2) +x1
    Maya-1 (1x2)
    Fred_Mc-1 (4x4)
    BoneparteAnil-1 (4x1)
    Zildan-1 (2x2)
    5730dogman-large (3x3)
    5730dogman-2 (4x4)
    Ikuriule-1 (2x2)
    Ikuriule-4-R (3x3)
    Elaryn-1 (4x4)
    Elaryn-2 (1x4)
    Elaryn-3 (1x2)
    1ns0mnia-1 (1x4)
    ChristmasGuy-1 (2x2)
    5730dogman-3 (1x5)
    NightmareRina-1 (2x4)
    NightmareRina-2 (3x3)
    NightmareRina-3 (3x3)
    Pixellio-1 (2x3)
    cleanshot_-1 (1x3)
    jamzam-1 (2x2)
    jamzam-1 (1x2)
    eindbaasjulian-1 (2x2)
    eindbaasjulian-3 (2x2)
    eindbaasjulian-2 (1x2)
    eindbaasjulian-4 (2x2)
    friized_-1 (2x2)

    Voting, Store and Rewards
    We have redesigned our voting system to a more custom and interesting feel to it compared to the old one. We have replaced the old EchoPet system for a plugin known as MinaturePets. This plugin allows us to add new pets dynamically with your community suggestions!


    Every-time you vote you will be given 1 token. You can vote up to 4 times per day on the creative server. These can be used on gaining Pets, Trails and you will also have access to unlock 1 hour of clipboard commands (Up to 4 hours a day). These times will stack allowing you to save up and purchase days worth of world edit if you so by desire to.

    We have also added the ability to purchase 2 new Extras for the creative server this includes permanent access Clipboard commands (Designed for people who don't want to buy an actual rank) and you will have access to purchase ALL name colours as a separate package from the donator ranks too.

    Due to some request we have decided to reorganise the AJGaming Karaoke Night again. It has not been decided on if this is going to be a weekly occurrence as of now but we have a trail day and it will be on Saturday 7th October around 6PM GMT so make sure that date is free in your calendar. I will be creating another thread with some awesome new advertisement art containing the main details and sign up form for that night so make sure to keep an eye out for that!

    The Staff Shuffle
    @NotMyFault - User has been promoted to Network Manager. He will be fixing, and taking in issues for the VANILLA side of AJGaming. If the bugs are serve he will pass them onto myself or the appropriate server engineer.
    @MrFinsGaming - User has been promoted to Network manager. He will be managing the staff and fixing issues for the MODDED side of AJGaming he will relay any major information back to myself or Antony if needed.
    @BlueFusion12 - Will officially resign as Owner and will no longer have any ownership role of MegaCraft as of October 1st 2017. However he will still appear as a Developer and will help out with some emergency System Administration issues in the future.

    I know most of you don't like reading anything that is more than 10 lines long so if you got this far well done!

    Jack C
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2017
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  2. Snith_

    Jul 30, 2014
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    woah thats pretty cool to be honest
  3. dragenor

    Retired Staff

    Jan 22, 2016
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    Well said Jack, excited for the next era of MegaCraft!
  4. lifekiller43

    Retired Staff

    Aug 3, 2015
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    aight, easier said than done. GL!
  5. Ryerye1243

    Ryerye1243 Guest

    Can u save my merged plot /warp spectre city?
    Thanks :3
  6. LinkFelton

    Retired Staff

    Jul 9, 2016
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    You must make a support ticket here on the forums requesting a plot be saved.