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Wizard Academy for the reset, mods sugestions and removals

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by Epicnatte, Dec 1, 2018.


do u think starminer should be added?

  1. yes

  2. no

  1. Epicnatte

    Aug 21, 2018
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    (copy from technic launcher)

    Suggestions: this, idk if it is a tech mod, but i dont feel it is a magic mod either, but we have some mods that are not magic, so i would really like if you could add this mod: starminer, heres a link to a site i found describing the mod, the vid isent fantastic, but it explains some: i feel this mod would be very much fun and give new concepts on how you could build ur base and more efficently use the space in it, and it also intruduces a new dimension and none of the items (what i could see and feel when i tested the mod) needs to be fixed or banned or annything, and it gives acces to some kinda earlygame kinda flight. hope you can add this mod. (i just realised that this isent the full modlist up there, but some of the mods like the pets are gonna get removed 100% so it dosent matter)
  2. daforsyth

    Retired Staff

    Nov 27, 2017
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    ._. I mean idk how much the list is necessary as you don't have any mods, in particular, you want to see removed.

    In terms of starminer it raises red flags and I'm afraid it is unlikely to make it into the next pack.
    The reasons being is:
    1. It's not particularly magical and could even be argued as tech.
    2. It adds dimensions which is something modpacks normally aim to not do or avoid as much as possible.
    3. The recipes are fairly cheap for modded and do not scale well and its unlikely custom recipes will be done
    4. It works with a weird mechanic of changing gravity around objects which might be prone to errors on a large modded server.

    For amusment, Ill explain the mods you don't know about. (I assume you don't do much thaumcraft based off of this list)
    • Animation API: Required for ars magica. The code that allows for animations of spells in your hand and stuff.
    • Automagy: Adds automation to thaumcraft allowing people to build the magical equivalent to an ME system from AE
    • CoFH Core: A core mod needed for all mods made by the CoFH team to function
    • CoFH Lib: Library for code uses in CoFH mods.
    • Druidery: Adds various stuff to the world such as tea. Also adds some flowers, random items like the axe guitar, and adds 2 dimensions
    • Dummy Core: Another core mod required for a mod to function
    • Fastcraft: Boost your FPS in game. Like optifine (But optifine is illegal to run in a modpack without the mod authors permission)
    • Forbidden Magic: One of the big thaum addons that combines it with Blood magic, ars magica, and botania
    • Forge Mutlipart: Required for some mods to work (Like a core mod), adds microblocks, and lets you place 2 torches in the same block.
    • Gadomancy: A smaller thaum addon adding random thaum stuff (Like wisp guardians)
    • Guide API: Lets mods put guidebooks into the game easily.
    • Iguana Tweaks: Gives Tinkers Construct Items levels and the ability to level up as well as other small tweaks.
    • Mantle: A core mod needed for Tinkers construct
    • Mine Tweaker 3: a ton of configs options for staff to tweak stuff in game. (Used in AW to add thaum aspects to items which normally don't have it)
    • Requilary: Adds in cool magical items that are made from certain mob drops. Also has a moduler potion making system.
    • Tainted Magic: Adds a lot of end game to thaumcraft and allows for powerful items to be made.
    • Thaumic Tinkerer: One of the large thaumcraft addons adding most of the ichor related stuff. Closly linked and included is almost anything with thaumcraft.
    • Thaumic Horizons: A big thaum addon allowing for you to create new mobs, or edit your own body to be stronger.