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How to appeal a punishment

Discussion in 'Important Information' started by NotMyFault, Sep 13, 2019.

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  1. NotMyFault

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    Jul 9, 2016
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    Hello user,

    if you feel, that you are falsely muted or banned, you can create an appeal on our forums which requires your to read and follow this thread, so please read it carefully.

    Appeals can be made solely on the forums. Appeals on discord, via DM to staff or in any other way are redirected with a link to this thread without an answer. We will only deal with appeals marked as appeals, so ensure to select the right category.
    You don't need to be registered to open a new appeal!

    Please Note
    If you raise an appeal, you can request the evidence, yet that does not mean you will always be able to receive it.
    If the reporter does not give us permission to share it (most likely when they want to protect their identity) or it contains sensitive information which do not belong to third parties.
    Like this thread already explains, you are responsible for your account and will be held accountable for other people's actions on your account.

    The Rules
    You maybe want to read the rules before raising an appeal. Even if your punishment is not stated word by word, it does not mean you are unfairly punishment. It is either covered by another rule or an inherited rule.

    Accounts bought via 3rd parties
    We've seen a some people who purchased accounts from 3rd party sellers and find them banned or muted on our servers. These accounts are excluded from a removal of the punishment, we highly suggest purchasing accounts solely from the official store.

    Why do I always get copy/paste answers?
    The staff team deals with lots of appeals a day, therefore we cannot give custom responses to each appeal.
    Using predefined answers allows us to handle more appeals within a short period and return faster to you!

    I am banned for being a bot but I am not?
    That indicates that you triggered our bot detection. You can open an appeal still.

    Can I appeal a punishment again after it gets rejected?
    Yes, but you have to wait 30 days before raising a new appeal.

    I am punished for a short period, can I appeal it still?
    Yes, but we do not suggest appealing a punishment with a duration lower than 4 days. Punishments with such a low duration will most likely not be accepted, just wait them out.

    Can I buy an unban/unmute?

    I am muted for ban/mute evasion, what does that mean?
    You used an alternate account to evade an existing punishment on your main account.
    If you are not banned and still received such a message, you may have used a VPN or a public wifi.
    You can raise an appeal, yet it does not mean it gets accepted, even if you are innocent. VPN's are mainly used to perform malicious actions, so we suggest not using one.

    Can I bump my appeal?
    Yes, but that will lower the chance that a staff member will review it. It makes you looking impatient, just wait until someone returns to you.

    Can I reopen tickets?
    Yes, you can. But keep in mind, if your appeal has been denied, there is no need to respond and re-open the ticket. The staff team will no reconsider their decision based of what you are saying after a denial. Simply wait until the punishment expires or open a new one after 30 days.

    The Appeal
    Changing the appeal prefix to "High" or "Low" does not affect the time a staff member will review it.
    Make sure the name of the appeal is expressive and covers your situation, a title like "pls unban" will be classified as troll and immediately rejected, so ensure to be serious.
    You have to fill out every field to submit the appeal, if you are unsure what to fill in, take a look at the footer of the field, it tells you where to find certain information.
    In the large text box at the bottom you have enough space to write out why you want to be unbanned/unmuted.
    Keep in mind, being kind, friendly and patient will most likely get you a positive result, rather than being toxic and mad ;)

    Now you are ready to raise an appeal,
    you can do that here
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