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Creative New "Judge" rank tier

Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by Synamix, Oct 8, 2019.


"Judge Rank"

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  1. Synamix

    Sep 28, 2019
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    The creative server rank up system from builder to designer ,so on.. requires a staff member to critique and approve or deny the plot to be deserving of the rank. This is such a wonderful idea and i love it however the only issue that i have seen since i have been on is the time it takes for the plot to be critiqued and the poor quality responses of a denied plot. Let me explain. I myself had only to wait a few hours get my builder plot approved however many players i have seen wait 2-3 days for approval so this subject is commonly discussed in public chat being somewhat discouraging. On the other end of the spectrum I have talked with 3 different players that were disatisfied or confused about the denial and critique of there plot which all 3 were explained with a simple half ass comment of "not enough detail". The issue isnt the denial they were all lacking in something but not 1 of them was lacking in "detail" actually most of there plots had too much detail and were lacking usually in proper terraforming or structure patterns so I explained the issues with there builds in a proper sandwiching format pointing out positives that they should keep in the build and there negative aspects to the build that they should change.
    So i thought of this solution that i believe would help solve both issues. A new rank above artesian that requires both a plot submission and a form submission kind of like staff but there only duty would be to properly approve or deny creative plots. This would fix the issues that I mentioned earlier and would minamize the dutys of staff members of course staff member should still critique plots aswell im just presenting a secondary solution. Also I think the only staff members that should be allowed to critique plots should have had artisian themselves aswell.