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New Server - Survival 1.14.4

Discussion in 'AJGaming News' started by NotMyFault, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. NotMyFault

    NotMyFault The Sanctuary
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    Jul 9, 2016
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    Yep, you read that correctly, the survival server gets an update :)
    The current server is online since 1.13 exists without a wipe, so we decided to wipe it and give it a fresh start on 1.14, which will fix lots of issues too, such as McMMO levels not working e.g

    A few stats about the new map:
    Overworld: 20kx20k
    Nether: 10kx10k
    End: 10kx10k

    Please note, the world is partial-augmented. That means, parts of the world (like the spawn) contain augmented terrain, items, loot etc, where other parts of the world look like a regular world. The transition from partial-augmented to vanilla are smooth, so expect some chunks being cut.
    We chose to do so, because we had players liking the augmentation and players liking vanilla generation, so we patched everything into 1 world to provide both. From prior testing, it looks a bit odd, but hey, what is "normal" these days ;)
    1.14 has huge performance flaws, so you can expect the server crashing from time to time or just lagging a bit.

    We might reset the nether and end from time to time with a short announcement.
    There are some noticeable changes, I will list them below (if I didn't forget some of them)
    - Crates and kits have been buffed
    - PvP is enabled in the nether and end
    - The world resources have been decreased drastically (you won't find temples with 40 diamond blocks anymore :p)
    - The auction house supports 2 filter categories for items, so it's no longer messy and you can easily look up certain items.
    Items can be auctioned for 2 days before they return into the expired section.
    You can now bid on items.
    You can create the same amount of bids as you can for regular auctions, bids will expire after 6 hours. You can create bids by using /ah bid <price>. Replace bid with sell to use the regular auction house.
    If nobody bought your item and it moved to expired auctions, you have 10 days to claim it before it's gone.
    - You can now /trade toggle trade requests and /paytoggle payments.
    - Added /hdb with purchasable heads
    - You can now buy join/leave messages for survival too.
    - Trades can now be accepted or denied by clicking [Accept] or [Deny] in chat
    - Updated Jobs

    - ClearLag does now show an announcement when it's done
    - Modified vanilla phantom spawning behavior
    - An extended ingame store
    - Vote Crates have no longer an animation to speed them up
    - All Crates have some fancy particles while opening and in general
    - You no longer need to click a crate with the key, it's enough having them in your inventory while interacting
    - Increased the reaction word amount

    Donators have been buffed as well:
    - Overhaul of all kits
    - MVP+ (MVP and higher ranks) can broadcast items to chat
    - Elite+ can craft tanks to store fluids, such as water, lava, experience, milk, dragon breath and much others.
    Usability: Click

    - Lots of new commands and perks
    - Certain ranks have spawn eggs in their kits
    - Added more spawners to the webstore
    Alongside with several other buffs and optimizations.

    There are a lot of other modifications, tweaks and bug fixes I worked on, but I won't bother you with the non interesting parts ^^
    If you are still interested, you can find it here.

    I'll add some general suggestions below:
    - Do not build too close outside of the spawn area, if you don't want others walking around your claim and land all the time.
    - Leave several hundred blocks unclaimed from the last build before you start your own, if you claim too close to others, staff may remove your claim.
    - If you don't want people near your base all day long, you shouldn't build near the /rtp spots
    - Join our discord to keep yourself updated about events and giveaways.
    - Win reactions and use your votes to get money and claimblocks
  2. Manaman201

    Sep 23, 2019
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    What happened to FossilTech?
  3. R6_MonsterHunter

    Aug 10, 2019
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    I don't see any spawn eggs in mvp sadly :I
  4. MAJ975

    Jul 20, 2019
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    Jan 6, 2020
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