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Nintendo Builds!

Discussion in 'Share Your Creations' started by Ommo, May 1, 2018.

  1. Ommo

    Feb 20, 2017
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    Hi, if you know me, you might know I love building Nintendo stuff... At least 30+ plots of mine are used all for Nintendo builds (insane, I know).
    It's rather self-explanatory so I'll include small descriptions and screenshots of what I have built so far
    (All pictures were taken via screenshots using 'Ziipzaap's shaders')

    The king of gaming essentially, all recreated in Minecraft (with the exception of the 3rd floor, couldn't fit it in
    with the small castle's size). It was all built by me, as this was before I managed to get into contact with others who were Nintendo-enthusiasts who would then help me build the future projects, and includes full interior, but, like mentioned earlier, without the 3rd floor. This plot includes Wing Mario over the Rainbow, and the Princess's Secret Slide. You can see this build at /warp SM64, /warp Mario64

    You might remember (if you played the game), the various memorable levels, such as Bob-omb Battlefield, or Whomp's Fortress. With the help of some newly gathered friends, GalvantulaGaming, xX_Treyz_Xx, justvast and a few others, we managed to recreate (most) of these levels. They weren't as daunting as the castle, but they were still really fun to make. These levels can be accessed via /warp [THEIR RESPECTIVE LEVEL NAME]
    IMAGES (bundled):

    The game made to show the true potential of the DS, and is one of my favourite games of all time. I ended up buying another copy of the game for £18, as I lost my old game card, but also so I could re create all of the levels without the aid of an emulator (and no controller to use with it)
    This plot includes the 3rd floor of the castle (because of our extended castle size, and I am really happy with the outcome) This plot was made by some of the team (most notably, justvast and I), and can be accessed through /warp SM64DS, and /warp Mario64DS. This includes Wing Mario over the Rainbow, and the Princess's Secret Slide. Since warp buttons now exist, we added buttons in places (not that obvious) near the paintings of the levels we have re created so far. Press these buttons and you will end up in the respective level!
    IMAGES (bundled):

    What is now considered "the next Mario 64", this game brings all the games into one. Featuring lots of costumes and kingdoms to explore, and so far we have recreated 1 kingdom (Cascade), and are currently in progress of recreating Metro Kingdom (New Donk City). Credits to most help with this project comes from justvast and xX_Treyz_Xx. You can access these via /warp NDC, /warp NewDonkCity, /warp MetroKingdom, and /warp CascadeKingdom. The Odyssey was made by xX_Treyz_Xx and the interior of the Odyssey was upgraded by me.

    GalvantulaGaming (a friend of mine who helps make the levels from Super Mario 64), has also created Mario Kart, including a fully functioning battle mode and stuff from New Super Mario Bros U. These further inspired me to make Super Smash Bros, alongside a course creator in a Mario Maker-like fashion. Of course, credit goes to GalvantulaGaming for coming up with the idea of having a course creator and using boats to make the Mario Kart cars/tracks. You can access these via /warp MarioKart, /warp MarioKartBattle, and /warp SuperSmashBros
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