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SpaceX World Download

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PeanutbutterB0B, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. LinkFelton

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    Jul 9, 2016
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    A few things before we move on with this. THIS ENTIRE THING IS COMPLETELY SEPARATE FROM AJGAMING. Meaning that Jack and Antony, the Owners, as well as the rest of the Staff have NOTHING to do with this. I did this completely on my own to provide my friends and fellow SpaceX lovers the world and area you have worked hard on since release. With that being said, if you do not follow these instruction down to each letter, this will NOT work and you WILL NOT get any help from myself or any other Staff at AJGaming. I have worked hard this past week to make sure the world was correct and that it would run without issue despite the constant bugging and annoyance I was getting from both the Discord Server and Private Messages.

    The Link:


    You will NEED either .7z ( or WinRar (


    Once downloaded, right click on the file 'SpaceX.tar.gz', go to 7-Zip (or WinRar), and then click on 'Extract to "SpaceX.tar\"'

    Once extracting, open the folder callled 'SpaceX.tar' and there will be another file called 'SpaceX.tar' that is not a folder. Right click on it, go to 7-Zip (or WinRar), and click on 'Extract to "SpaceX\"'

    *Note: Make a backup of the folder now! You might end up having to re-download the SpaceX pack.

    3: Once extracted, open the folder 'SpaceX -> home -> minecraft -> SpaceX' and there will be a folder called 'world'. Right click on it, click on 'cut'

    4: Go to your .technic folder. (Google if you don't know) and then go into 'modpacks -> spacex -> saves' and then right click in there and 'paste' the 'world' folder into here.

    5: Now open your 'world' folder and scroll down to the 'playerdata' folder. Open it and search for YOUR username. (Make a Back-Up of this folder on your own accord) Take every file with your name and bring them out to the 'world' folder.

    6: DELETE the 'playerdata' folder. Once down create a NEW 'playerdata' folder and then drag those previous files into that.

    ENJOY: At this point you are done. You should be able to load up the world. Please note, once you click on the world to load, just leave the game be. If roughly 5 minutes pass and nothing happens then try again. It WILL boot back to the main menu while loading cause it's loading a whole new world your client didn't create.

    Troubleshoots: If for some reason it's still not loading you may need to delete EVERY folder called 'DIM-SPACESTATION__' with the two underscores containing numbers 61-80. Delete ALL of them unless one is yours then keep that one. At this point it should load and you'll be set. If at this point you still can't load, then I'm sorry to say, your computer simply isn't strong enough to run and load the world. You can try turning your settings to as low as you can but no promises.

    As I stated below, I am NOT helping any further. I did everything I can and frankly I'm tired of the constant bugging and close to harassment I have been getting while trying to get this together. With that aside, I hope y'all enjoy the SpaceX World download!
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  2. Sinmis077

    Oct 1, 2017
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    well 18GB infront of 55,4 GB [20 GB taken from the windows 10] thats a lot :L but when i get 2 TerraBytes worth of disk then it should be ez to down load it :D!
  3. asacavanagh

    Oct 21, 2017
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    Thank you for all the hard work in getting this organised Peanut! It's very much appreciated :D