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Important Summer Updates [1.13]

Discussion in 'AJGaming News' started by NotMyFault, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. NotMyFault

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    Jul 9, 2016
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    The Aquatic Update is here and it's time for us to take a bracing step into the cool ocean during the hot summer. But back to the topic, what is going to happen?

    Quick Rundown:
    • Full 1.13 support. This includes all new blocks and others. The server remains backwards compatible with 1.12 and earlier.
    • You will keep your plots, tokens, ranks and what ever you have.
    • Modpacks are not affected and stay with the version they are in!
    More Information:
    We will try to update the creative server as soon and fast as possible without larger outages or data losses.
    Please keep in mind that it can take time to update our software and plugins. We do not own all of our plugins and rely on the work of the developers. You do not need to ask us when the update is actually coming, we will notify you as soon as possible. Further updates, fixes or patches will be posted in here at a later point.

    If you want to get more familiar with 1.13 or want to see what actually changed at all, you can check out this wiki article.

    Proxy Changes:
    Over the past couple of weeks you may have seen the network having several issues with our proxies, constant restarts, screwed up player count, etc. I can confirm that a fix has been put in place and we are now going to be going from 2 Proxies (1 Modded and 1 Vanilla) to one. This includes multiple perks:
    • Ability to swap through servers for things such as events
    • Globalised announcements
    • Better performance with back-end and permission loading
    • Global /MSG between different servers
    We are also going to be implementing a site (will be coming in the next few days) this will give you all live updates as we take certain aspects of our network down for updates, if they experience downtime or issues.

    Thank you all for your support and I hope you enjoy your summer and the content we have planned.