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Wizard Academy Modlist (WA)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by daforsyth, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. daforsyth

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    Nov 27, 2017
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    Agricraft by Raider
    Beloved mod for farming. Let's you grow plants in crops to cross breed or upgrade! Chances are you will use it for magic crops. ._.

    AJGaming-AC by AJ gaming
    Have no idea as this is a private mod. Just now AJ its tailored for this server.

    Arcane Arteries by Jordsta95
    A small blood magic addon adding a new thaumcraft tab to research new daggers to aid in blood magic.
    (Also adds ways to make runes with thaumcraft or botania instead of blood magic)

    ArsMagica by Mithion
    One of our big magic mods revolving around making custom spells and becoming a cool ice mage! Fire mages not allowed! ._. plz no.

    Animation API by thehippomaster21
    Needed for Ars Magica to have sick ice spell animation. Or technically any spell animation. .-.

    Armourers Workshop by RiskyKen
    Lets you make custom armor. This can be done in game or in single player and transferred to the server. This can get pretty epic.

    Aura Cascade by pixlepix, Drasticdemise
    A smaller magical mod inspired by botania. It adds a unique system to due various magical functions.

    Automagy by tuhljin
    A thaumcraft addon that allows thaumcraft to be automated to a large extent. One big thing added is the thaumcraft equivlant to an AE system.

    Blood Arsenal by Arcaratus
    A blood magic addon. Adds a lot of new content like armor, daggers, and new sigils. (Hint: Hold Flint and break glass to get glass shards)

    Blood Magic by WayOfTime
    One of the big magic mods. This mod involves sacrificing your self or others for power. As the name would imply there is a lot of blood. Temple like structures will also be required.

    Botania by Vazkii
    One of our big mods. Be a hedge mage- I mean botanist using plants for magical powers and cool items.

    Botanical Addons by l0nekitsune
    A botania addon that adds a lot of rainbow stuff and a new tab revolving around trees in the Lexicon.

    Chisel by Minecreatr
    A mod letting you chisel blocks to have different textures.

    Clock Work Phase by lumaceon
    Allows you to become a time mage! With the use of brass and clocks you can get powerful tools and neat abilitys using time itself.

    CodeChickenCore by ChickenBones
    O my another core mod.

    CoFH Core by Team CoFH
    A core mod .-.

    CoFH Lib by skyboy026
    Technically a library but we shall dub thee core mod.

    Custom Main Menu by Lumien
    Adds that smoking hot menu you see when you load the pack.

    Dummy Core by modbder
    A core mod

    Enchanting Plus by darkhax
    Adds a more advanced enchanting table letting you choose your enchants and repair armor for exp

    Evilcraft by kroeser
    A magic mod revolving around evil task. By using blood and darkness you can harness magical power. SpOokyx10 ._.

    Extra Utilities by RWTema
    A wide variety of tools and blocks to help enhance the experience. Stranded in most modded packs.

    Fast Craft by Player
    Just trying to help your fps ;3

    Forbidden Magic by SpitefulFox
    A thaumcraft addon with various objects to check out. Also ties in botania, blood magic, and ars magica to thaumcraft. (If Draconic evo and twilight forest are installed a sword exist to reck drac armor lol)

    Forge Multipart by covers1624
    A core mod that also adds micro blocks and the ability 2 torches to be in 1 block

    GuideAPI by TehNut
    Allows for us to add in-game documentation

    Iguana Tweaks by Parker8283
    A tinker construct addon adding levels to tools. Tools can level up and gain modifiers and random effects. (Also forces progression through Tinkers by requiring flint tools)

    Iron Chest by Alexbegt, progwml6
    Lets you upgrade chest to hold more. .-. Neat!

    Journey Map by techbrew
    The great minimap mod which includes world map of what you explored and markers and waypoints.

    Magical Crops by Mark719
    Magical plants that let you grow tons of resources!

    Mantle by progwml6
    core mod. ;-; again

    Minetweaker 3 by jaredlll08, StanH
    Let's us edit recipes ;3

    Minetweaker Recipe Maker by dries007, Claycorp, DoubleDoorDevelopment
    Let's us make recipes ;3

    NettyFixer by unknown
    Only mod I dont know just by looking at the name. Also cant find anything online.

    NotEnoughItems by chicken_bones
    Lets you see recipes for items.

    NotEnoughThaumcraftTabs by fewizz
    Allows you to show more thaumcraft tabs if there is too many. (We don't actually have enough to trigger this)

    NOVA(ANIMIUS) by TeamDman and Saerethlb
    A blood magic addon that adds more rituals.

    Open Blocks by OpenMods
    An addon giving various useful blocks to minecraft like elevators.

    Reliquary by p3pp3rf1y
    A mod that adds various mob drops to make magical items and tools. Also has a modular potion system.

    Open Mods Lib by OpenMods
    A core mod!

    Resource Loader by Lumien
    Not really a core mod but it is.

    Storage Drawers by jaquadro
    Adds in drawers that can hold several items to help organize (like a barrel mod) Drawers can also be upgraded to do various stuff.

    Tainted Magic by yorkemc
    A thaum addon that adds an end game once you've conquered the depths of thaum and are left with only void and taint. Also adds in game lore for end game thaum. Very neat ._.

    tcinventoryscan by BlayTheNinth
    Let's you scan things in chest and your inventory. ._. yes.... (Scanning for thaumcraft of course!)

    Tinkers Construct by KnightMiner, jadedcat, boni, mDiyo
    Lets you make custom tools and weapons with molten metals!

    Thaumcraft by azanor
    One of our big magic mods allowing you to research the world. Through research one learns the world isn't always what it appears to be. .-.

    Thaumcraft Nei Plugin by DjGiannuzz
    Lets you view thaumcraft recipes in NEI once you've completed the research.

    Thaumic Upholstery by EtsyTheDragon
    A thaum addon letting you upgrade thaum armors

    ThaumicHorizons by Kentington
    An addon to thaum revolving around the search for immortality. Animals may or may not be hurt.

    Thaumic Tinkerer by nekosune
    The most ionic thaum addon adding a bunch of random stuff but most importantly ichor/KAMI research.

    Waila by ProfMobius
    Let's you see info on blocks and mobs you look at.

    Waila Harvestability by squeek502
    Gives info on plants that you look at.

    Witchery by Emoniph
    One of the big magic mods involving witchcraft. We do not allow malicious use of this mod so no cursing random people alright.