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    Join a lag free 1.12.2 creative server with WorldEdit, VoxelSniper and some of the best custom plugins and ranking systems out there!

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    Joining an island up in the sky exploring the world!

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    Custom 1.14.4 world and nether generation with claims, trades, sales and cool custom-coded plugins.

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    Wizard Academy

    Join hundreds of other Wizards and Witches. Fight your way to the top using a mixture of magic and tech! Pure PvP and Raiding.

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    VoidPack 2

    Survive on the minimum miles in the Sky. Alone...

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    Advanced Wizardry

    Unleash your magic skills and beat the environment with your friends.

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AJGaming Network

Forum Rules and Enforcement

Posted by BlueFusion12 on Sep 22, 2016

Hello everyone!

It has been brought to my attention recently that people's actions on the forums have been getting out of hand. People are constantly fighting back and forth, clogging up the forums with toxicity that prevents normal players from using the site productively.

Thus, our staff team has chosen to start enforcing the rules on the forums more strictly. The existing forum rules can be found in the rules thread here:

I've copied them for the sake of laziness here so everyone can see:

Forum Rules
No Inappropriate Images or Links > Posting any photos or links that could be considered NSFW (gore, nudity, etc.) are strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent forum ban.
No Innapropriate/Sexual Topics > Any sexual references, sexual roleplay, and use of inappropriate terms (including slang terms) is not allowed
No Swearing > Swearing/Cursing of...
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SkyBlock Drop Parties!

Posted by PeachHalves on Sep 19, 2016

Hey, everyone!

So as an event on SkyBlock, we have decided to host a drop party every Saturday, at 7 pm (GMT +1:00)

I will be hosting these events each week. A selection of items will be dropped at spawn! I hope you will all enjoy it; I will list the most important details.

-7pm (GMT +1:00) [2pm EST (-5), 6pm GMT]
-Every week on Saturday.
-At SkyBlock spawn.

Thanks for reading!
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August 2016 Top Voters

Posted by BlueFusion12 on Sep 2, 2016

Thanks to everyone who showed their support and voted last month. Here are the rewards for the month of August:
1st Top Voter: $15 Store Coupon
2nd Top Voter: $10 Store Coupon
3rd Top Voter; $5 Store Coupon

These coupons can be used on the MegaCraft Store at (or the Store tab above).

1st Place: POLLYZOID (118 Votes)
2nd Place: _Flux (116 Votes)
3rd Place: tuggles3 (111 Votes)

If you won, check your inbox for the coupon code! @POLLYZOID @_Flux @tuggles3

Good luck to you all this month!
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August's Build Competition Winners

Posted by LuukH on Aug 31, 2016

Congratulations to this month's build competition winners!

Prizes have been handed out to the following 3 winners:
1. Snugglez_ - One month of MVP
2. SaMurai_019 - One month of Clipboard Commands
3. Mehe - One month of Clipboard Commands

September's theme is "Underground".

To enter, simply go to "/warp BC" and claim your own plot.

Only one plot per person is allowed, and, help by any other person is not allowed....
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Skyblock Island Competition.

Posted by ProbablySid_ on Aug 27, 2016

Thank you to those who participated!

Yeah, the competition didn't go as I had hoped but it is only the first time, so expect it to get better!

1st Place: thormodsvej
2nd Place: Dxrk_
3rd Place: Tormentous

If you won a prize, msg me on the server or on the forums and I will credit your account with the appropriate items.

The prizes weren't so good this time, so I made a thread where you guys suggest what you think you should be winning.

Next day of judging will be Saturday 10th September, so reply with your minecraft name to be entered into the competition.

@thormodsvej @Dxrk_
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Creative: WorldEdit and VoxelSniper Update!

Posted by BlueFusion12 on Aug 19, 2016

This might just be one of the biggest update Creative has had in a long time...

Firstly, the WorldEdit Engine has been updated! What does that mean for you?
1. No more queues: The new engine performs actions almost instantly and without lag. That means no more waiting for large edits, especially when a lot of people are on.
2. Significantly increased edit size: Most groups have had their max edit sized doubled. Have fun!
3. Proper tile edit limiting: *Read: less lag and fewer lag plots*
4. #StackIsBack: You guys win. //stack has returned to everyone now that we are more confident it can't cause lots of problems.

Next, we've added support for VoxelSniper! That's right, after 3 years we finally have the technology to release VoxelSniper to the masses! For the next week or two, Voxel will be enabled for anyone with a donator rank (VIP or higher) for a Beta phase. Once we are confident that...
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Skyblock Island Competition

Posted by ProbablySid_ on Aug 13, 2016

Hello everyone!

With the release of the new skyblock, and the return of build comps for creative, it seems only fair to have an event for skyblock!

Since this server has a lot of very talented builders, it seems right to have a competition that involves building skills. On a fortnightly basis (2 weeks), I will be judging skyblock islands based on how well they are decorated and how nice they look. We will have a first, second and third prize. Anyone and everyone is welcome to take part in this event and as I said before, islands are judged solely on how nice it looks.

1st Prize: 2 Uncommon Keys
2nd Prize: 1 Pig Spawner
3rd Prize: $15000 in game money

To take part, just reply to this thread stating your minecraft name. Please do this by Friday the 26th of August as judging will take place on the next day (Saturday 27th...
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July 2016 Top Voters!

Posted by BlueFusion12 on Aug 2, 2016

Thanks to everyone who showed their support and voted last month. For rewards we will be doing something a bit different:
1st Top Voter: $15 Store Coupon
2nd Top Voter: $10 Store Coupon
3rd Top Voter; $5 Store Coupon

These coupons can be used on the MegaCraft Store at (or the Store tab above).

1st Place: S_1_R (60 Votes)
2nd Place: carbuilder88 (54 Votes)
3rd Place: FrogForPresident (53 Votes)

If you won, check your inbox for the coupon code! @S_1_R @carbuilder88 @FrogForPresident

Good luck to you all this month!
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SkyBlock and New Donator Ranks

Posted by BlueFusion12 on Jul 20, 2016

Well... what do we have here? Yet another server release? What is going on?

We've been busy! Many of you have noticed that SkyBlock has been under maintenance for the past few weeks. After learning from the mistakes we made during our first SkyBlock reboot, the MegaCraft Team has redesigned a new and fresh SkyBlock experience for you all. We have high confidence that a lot of you will enjoy this rebooted server, so give it a try! Islands from the previous server have been reset due to the fact that we have overhauled the entire island system. That should be the last time that happens so don't worry, your island is here to stay.

To access the SkyBlock server:
Use /lobby and choose SkyBlock from the Game Selector
Connect via ""

If you have any suggestions for SkyBlock, feel free to reply here or post under the Suggestions section.

Also accompanying the new SkyBlock server is a new rank, Titan! Titan now sits between...
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